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Energy & Social Infrastructure

Energy Management for Smart Infrastructure

Explore into Smart World with integrating E&I + ICT knowledge

Emerging interest to global environment aspects and renewable energy source as a one of solutions, Smart City is spot light of all attention. Smart City concept is show case of the latest energy management technologies that we are able to contribute to prevail in public. This system is made possible by two-way communication technology and computer processing to be used on electricity networks, from the ordinal power plant, solar power generation plant and wind farms all the way to consumers of electricity in home and business.

A key feature of the Smart City is automation technology for energy management that lets the utility adjust and control each device or millions of device from central location.

CST will pursue fulfill a livable city, sustainable and holistic city growth with smart infrastructure with E&I experience and ICT for contributing to global society.

We are challenging various renewable energy to build smart infrastructure

Our core technology that we furnished with is based on large scale solar power generation plant. We will expand our business from energy management to multi source of energy including micro-hydro power generation, heat source management to Gas and Water infrastructure management.