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Message from Management

We, Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation Co ., Ltd. (CST), started in October 2012 on a basis of Chiyoda Keiso Co., Ltd. merging IT related business of Chiyoda Corporation Group.

Based on technological innovation such as AI, DX, 5G, IT related business has strategically split off as TIS Chiyoda Systems Co., Ltd. on October 1st, 2020. CST make a new start as a specialist company in Instrumentation and electricity.

CST have been growing as a leading company and one and only company specializing instrument and electricity for a long period from the first stage to the present oil and petrochemical Industry since Chiyoda Keiso Co.,Ltd. established in October 1956, 8 years after our parent company Chiyoda Corporation Co., Ltd.'s establishment.

We have participated in new construction and remodeling, have engaged in primary design, procurement, construction and commissioning consistently. We have also achieved numerous projects as a most suitable partner.
We have offices in Kashima (Ibaraki Pref.), Ichihara (Chiba Pref.), Yokkaichi (Mie Pref.), and Mizushima (Okayama Pref.). We have stayed close to our clients, have offered daily maintenance to remodeling and other detailed technological services. As a result, our superior quality and safety results based on numerous construction experiences in industrial complexes, quality system and safety tools uniquely innovated by CST lead to our clients excellent reputation on regular basis.

Furthermore, we will accumulate experiences in renewable energy field in response to the needs and changes of the times, and deal with advanced operation and maintenance utilizing IoT. We determine to grow up towards the future with our clients.

CST appreciate your continued support and encouragement for our company.

Toshiya Murata


Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation