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Terms of use

This website is managed and operated by Chiyoda System Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "this Firm"), but it is only intended to provide a convenience to our customers. This website can only be used for non-profit purposes by customers under their own responsibility.
Please read the Terms of Use prior to using this website and only use if the terms are agreed with. These terms may change without prior notice as necessary. Furthermore, if using another website that has been linked to on this site, please understand in advance that it will be necessary to agree to the terms of use that site as well.


Written material on this website belongs to this Firm or a copyright holder that has given permission to this Firm for its use. Reproducing, altering, adapting, translating, distributing, demonstrating or displaying this material without permission is prohibited.

Personal Information

This website sometimes uses and sends data, generally called "cookies" to the browsers of our customers. The purpose of this is only to understand the usage situation of our customers. It is not possible to identify individuals, as long as customers do not enter personal information onto this website. In addition, it is possible to set your browser so that it refuses to receive cookies. There may be times when we ask for personal information, for example questionnaires and the acceptance of applications. The personal information we ask for shall only be used for its applicable purposes and shall be properly managed in this Firm and at our subcontractors with regards to information privacy terms.

Notwithstanding the forgoing, we may disclose access logs and personal information without the consent of our customers in the event disclosure has been determined to be reasonable, for example if required to do so by laws/ordinances, if a request has been received from public authorities or if it is to protect the rights, assets and safety of this Firm, this Firm's employees or this Firm's customers.


These Terms of Use are not any kind of guarantee about the content on this website and other websites that have been linked with this website, and this Firm accepts absolutely no responsibility in regards to any damage which arises in acts due to any determination made from information published on this website.
This Firm accepts absolutely no responsibility with regards to any damages which arise due to changes or interruption/discontinuation of information published on this website.
We have paid close attention to the information published on this website, but this Firm accepts absolutely no responsibility in relation to any damages which arise due to errors in the information published on this website or alterations and downloads, etc. by third parties.
In the information published on this website, there may be cases where information related to future predictions etc. needs updating and we may be forced to change this due to circumstances at that time.

Proposals and Inquiries from Customers

This Firm assumes no obligation to keep confidential or to consider, evaluate and adopt unsolicited proposals that have been sent in by customers.
Even in the event that our Firm adopts part or all of an unsolicited proposal sent in by a customer, this Firm shall not give any reward, such as compensation, for the proposal of the customer.
This Firm shall respond in good faith to proposals and inquiries sent in by customers, but please understand in advance that there may be cases in which it is not possible to give a reply to all of these.
Replies by email, letter, etc. from this Firm with regards to proposals and inquiries of customers that have been sent to this Firm shall be regarded as written work belonging to this Firm.
Secondary usage, such as putting to another use of part or all of this is prohibited without the prior permission in writing to this Firm.


Other websites that link to this website and those that are linked from this website are not under the control of this Firm.
Please contact this Firm in advance if a link to this website is to be established.
Links are set to the top page of this website and the name of this Firm that time should please be listed as "Chiyoda System Technologies Co., Ltd."
If deemed inappropriate by this Firm, we may request that any removed.
This Firm shall accept absolutely no responsibility for damages suffered by linking to this website.


When using this website, customers are prohibited from acts that will cause any damage or disadvantage to third parties or this Firm, acts that will damage the honor and confidence of third parties or this Firm, any other acts that have been deemed inappropriate by this Firm or any acts where there is a danger of any of these occurring.

Compliance with Laws

Usage of this website as well as interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall comply with the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.
The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes relating to the use of this website unless otherwise specified.